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Why Is Green Important?

green worker

Green jobs are important because they benefit the environment.

Lots of people and places are "going green." People are concerned about recycling, reducing pollution, and supporting renewable energy. Buildings and businesses are advertising their green practices and products. The question is: why?

Threats to Our Environment

Every day we use fossil fuels to power our homes, workplaces, and vehicles. These resources are limited and release hazardous chemicals into our air, soil, and water. Plus, pollution impacts plants and animals. Habitats and certain species of animals are disappearing at alarming rates. Scientists worry that we are passing the point where our ecosystem is able to safely recover without being permanently damaged.

Besides providing us with valuable goods, the ecosystem also provides important benefits to the world. Wetlands offer protection from storms and help purify water. Forests capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. But when a wetland gets destroyed, it affects the mainland beyond it. And when a forest gets cut down, there are fewer trees to capture carbon dioxide.

How Working Green Can Help

But there is good news: change is happening. That's why environmental conservation, recycling and pollution reduction, green manufacturing, renewable energy, and building-related energy efficiency are so important. This work and these green jobs make us part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

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