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Production Supervisors

Production supervisors oversee and coordinate the activities of production workers.

Production supervisors manage the activities of manufacturing employees, such as machine operators, assemblers, inspectors, and others who are producing green products, such as energy-efficient windows and doors or wind turbine parts. Production supervisors ensure that production goals are met and that workers are efficient and effective.

Quick Facts

Why green?

While many production supervisors are not green, some are because of the products they manufacture, such as geothermal heat pumps, energy-efficient home appliances, or wind turbine parts. As the green manufacturing economy expands, more of these positions require enhanced green skills.


Median wages for the broader occupation, First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Production and Operating Workers, are $27.58/hour.

Typical Education and Training Needed:

A Bachelor's degree is common.

Job Title Examples:

Manufacturing Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Team Leader