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Finding Job Openings

Job openings are out there in a variety of places.

Not all jobs are listed in the newspaper or located just down the street. Here are four common places to find openings:

  1. Employer Websites
    Most employers post their jobs online. You can look at company websites and learn about them before you apply.
  2. Job Boards or Job Banks
    These are websites that post job openings. Some are state job banks, like MinnesotaWorks.net. Others are commercial job banks, like Monster or Indeed. Find a list of job search websites.
  3. Temporary or Placement Agencies
    Employment agencies find short-term and contract positions. Be careful using employment services. Make sure you know are clear on the terms of your agreement.
  4. Networking
    Many jobs are never advertised. They are filled because someone knew a job seeker who would be a good fit. Use your network to hear about these "hidden" jobs.

Employers like job seekers who know about them. They also like job seekers who know why they are a good fit. Before you apply for a job, do some research. Visit the employer's website. See if anyone in your network knows about this employer. Gather information that will help you stand out in an interview.

Next Steps:

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