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Growing Careers

Growing careers are those that will likely have a lot of openings in the future. Many of them pay better than average, too.


Minnesota's job market has changed during the last few years. Jobs that used to be plentiful will likely not be the same jobs employers will hire for in the future. If you pay attention to growing careers now, you will know which skills and training employers expect of job candidates.

A growing career is one expected to increase the number of openings available in the coming years. You also want to pay attention to "emerging careers" that might not have many job openings today, but are expected to employ a larger-than-average number of people in the near future.

There are two main reasons why a career may be growing. One is because of changes in technology, and the other is because of global and local economic needs.

Knowing about emerging and growing careers can help job seekers understand which skills will be in demand. Workers can develop these skills to increase their chances of finding employment throughout their careers.

Three of Minnesota's emerging career areas are STEM, energy, and health care. Green careers are also emerging in Minnesota.

Minnesota STEM Careers

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics knowledge, also called STEM, is expected to be more in demand in new jobs. Basic science and investigative skills are needed for many careers, not just scientist and engineers. You can find a good-paying STEM career at all levels of education.

Minnesota Energy Careers

Careers in the energy sector can be found in four areas: engineering, installation and repair, production, and construction. Most careers in energy pay better than the same careers in other industries. And many do not require a college degree.

Minnesota Health Care Careers

Health care careers include those that provide patient care, work in labs, those who work with medical data, and others. Changes in laws and the population have increased the need for all types of health care workers in Minnesota. With short-term training, you can start working in health care and move up to a specialty position with the right training or degree.

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